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Q- What days are you open?
A - Monday thru Friday except holidays (listed on our “Closings” page.

Q - What are your hours?Stepping Stones Day Care FAQs
A - We are open from 5:30 a.m. and close at 6:00

Q - Are meals and/or snacks provided?
A - Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks are provided.

Q - What do parents have to provide?
A - Diapers and wipes for those children still in diapers.

Q - What age children do you accept?
A - We provide services for children ranging from 6 weeks to 12 years old.

Q - I see that the facility is owned and operated by a church. Are you going to preach to my child or try to convert them?
A - Quite simply, no. However our Day Care does operate under “common sense” guidelines set forth in the Bible.

Providing child day careQ - Do you have an outdoor play area?
A - Yes. We have a large outside play area with swings, slide and a number of other “outdoor toys”. Outdoor play is always supervised and play area is enclosed with a privacy fence.

Q - Do you accept any form of Childcare Assistance Programs?
A - Yes. Please call us at 254-542-6855 to find out if we accept yours.

Q - What is the ratio of care givers to children?
A - Ration of care givers to children is as follows:
Providing child day care 


1 to 4

12 - 17 months

1 to 5

18 months - 2 years

1 to 9

2 - 3 years

1 to 11

3 - 4 years

1 to 15

4 - 5 years

1 to 18

5 years and up

1 to 26

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